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Your success starts with your vision!

From the moment you first open your eyes, they work. So it’s easy to take them for granted and forget about the important role they play in the quality of your life. Here are 3 ways of many, that your eyes impact your success:
♦ 80% of what you know you learn with your vision.
♦ Your eyes are the most complex organ after your brain.
♦ Walking, running, biking and sitting down are examples of everyday things that become difficult if your vision isn’t working.
Southern Colorado Eye Care Associates provides comprehensive vision care for every member of your family. From preventive care to LASIK surgery, you’ll be delighted with the results. You can be positive that you will receive the best care possible from Doctors and staff who are not only talented but are equally concerned for your overall well-being and health.

Preventive care

Annual eye examinations are the single most important step in preventative eye care for every member of your family, at any age. During your eye exam, our Doctors will check all aspects of your vision.
If any problems or concerns are identified, we will spend time discussing them with you and recommend a plan that’s right for you.

Eye glasses and contact lenses

Eyeglasses and contact lenses solve most problems with your vision. The key to success is getting the right prescription and the right fit to support your lifestyle.
Our highly trained Doctors spend the time you need to ensure you get the right eyeglasses, contacts, sunglasses, and specialty eyewear to meet your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle.


The right prescription and the right fit is our number one priority. We have a complete line of eyeglasses that will make you look great and suit your lifestyle. We’ll fit them so they stay in place and serve your needs long after you’ve walked out the door.
In most cases, you will leave your exam with your new glasses in hand.

Contact lenses including bifocal contact lenses

The Doctors at Southern Colorado Eye Care Associates take special care in fitting your contact lenses. Proper fit is important to insure that you can see clearly and that the contact is comfortable to wear. Whether rigid or soft lenses, we’re experienced in handling the most difficult of prescriptions.
Bifocal Contact Lenses may be the best answer to correcting your vision and we have the specialized knowledge to insure the proper fit.
We know that you want your contact lenses right away and we strive to provide same day service to you.

Large selection of fashion frames and sunglasses

This is where you can have a little fun. With our wide assortment of fashion frames, you can experiment with different looks and colors. Choosing the right frames can be a challenge with all the great options. Our experienced staff will help you find the pair to suit your taste and vision needs.

Protective eyewear for sports and work related activities

Tens of thousands of sports and work-related eye injuries occur each year. Regular eyeglasses do not offer proper eye protection. The Southern Colorado Eye Care Associates team will help you choose appropriate protective eyewear to prevent eye injuries.

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